Oturum 1: Treatment of Short Bowel Syndrome and The Role of Surgery

Oturum 2: The History of Circumcision

Oturum 4: Surgical Aspects of Neuroblastoma Management

Oturum 6: Primary Vesicoureteral Reflux: Three Decades of Personal Experience in Scientific Investigation

Oturum 7: Indications for Trans Arterial Embolisation (TAE)

Oturum 12: Fetal Surgery for Obstructive Uropathy. Is it Useful?

Oturum 13: Impact of Technology on Evolving Role of Surgeons

Oturum 14: Colonic Interposition

Oturum 15: Basic Science Aspects of Nutrient Absorbtion: Implications for The Surgeon

Oturum 18: The Importance of Degloving in Cases of Distal Hypospadias; Avoiding Hidden Chordee

Oturum 19: PUJ in Children - Open Approach in The Era of Laparoscopy

Oturum 20: Management of Variant Hirschsprung’s Disease

Oturum 21: NEC and Laparoscopy

Oturum 26: Pitfalls in The Diagnosis and Treatment of Anorectal Malformations

Oturum 28: Liver Trauma

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